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Learn how to request a tattoo quote!

We tattoo artists need some information to make a quote for you.

Then follow these tips that will help you and make it much easier for your tattoo artist!

1 - Send an image of the tattoo or reference you want to make. If you do not have images, no problem, with a little conversation we can separate ideas to filter your style and what you want to convey with your new tattoo.

2 - Specify the size you want, I know that sometimes it is not easy to measure, but we need a size approximately to tell you the value, imagine we quote a small tattoo and when the client arrives at the studio do you want to get a huge tattoo... With the specified size, we see how long we will spend tattooing that design.

3 - Specify which part of the body will be done, yes we need to know before, in order to be able to draw according to that part of the body, for example, a drawing that can be done on the calf cannot be done on the neck, without making changes, also each part of the body has a different way and technique of tattooing, so it is very important to specify where the tattoo is made.

4 - Specify your tattoo style. This is up to you, you are not obliged to be an expert in tattoo studios, with a conversation and references we already got it right, however the more information you give to your tattoo artist, the better he will understand you and create a design that you like.

Tell me in the comments .. Have you ever done a tattoo quote and needed to follow these tips?

The more information you give your tattoo artist, the better your tattoo will be! Choose wisely and have a good tattoo!

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